Exploring Revenant $GAMEFI’s Tokenomics

$GAMEFI’s utility

When it came to creating $GAMEFI, we wanted to ensure that we launched a token that was sustainable, had an essential function in our gaming ecosystem, but that also rewarded our community.

  • Rewards in the form of staking and dividends
  • Early access to Revenant Games
  • Exclusive early investment opportunities through Revenant Launchpad
  • In-game benefits in Revenant Games
  • And much more!

$GAMEFI Token Distribution

  • 40% (1,200,000) of the total supply will consist of investors that held $TEMPO before our move to Metis
  • 20% (600,000) of the total supply will be set aside for staking rewards
  • 15% (450,000) of the total supply will be used in the Battle of Olympus Play-to-Earn economy
  • 15% (450,000) of the total supply will be used in the Project Lazarus Play-to-Earn economy
  • 10% (300,000) of the total supply will be reserved for future crypto games

Revenant Rewards

Staking and dividends are an excellent way for the Revenant community to earn a powerful compounding stream of passive income. These are only two of the methods that holders can use to grow their stack. Others include NFTs, in-game rewards, and much more.


With Revenant, staking is simple. Investors whowant to support the protocol can lock up their tokens and receive a significant percentage yield on their stake.

Staking Emission Schedule

Revenant Dividends

$GAMEFI holders will benefit from periodic dividends distributed to the Revenant community. This ensures that as the protocol grows, so do our investors’ earnings.



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