Exploring Revenant $GAMEFI’s Tokenomics

3 min readApr 29, 2022


In this blog post, we will explain how $GAMEFI’s tokenomics will work.

$GAMEFI’s utility

When it came to creating $GAMEFI, we wanted to ensure that we launched a token that was sustainable, had an essential function in our gaming ecosystem, but that also rewarded our community.

That’s why $GAMEFI will have several use cases beyond its price appreciation, such as:

  • Rewards in the form of staking and dividends
  • Early access to Revenant Games
  • Exclusive early investment opportunities through Revenant Launchpad
  • In-game benefits in Revenant Games
  • And much more!

Although we cannot reveal too much yet, we are confident that $GAMEFI will be an asset that community members will be excited to hold for reasons more than just being a token that benefits from market fluctuations.

$GAMEFI Token Distribution

$GAMEFI will have a total supply of 3 million tokens that will be distributed as follows:

  • 40% (1,200,000) of the total supply will consist of investors that held $TEMPO before our move to Metis
  • 20% (600,000) of the total supply will be set aside for staking rewards
  • 15% (450,000) of the total supply will be used in the Battle of Olympus Play-to-Earn economy
  • 15% (450,000) of the total supply will be used in the Project Lazarus Play-to-Earn economy
  • 10% (300,000) of the total supply will be reserved for future crypto games

Revenant Rewards

Staking and dividends are an excellent way for the Revenant community to earn a powerful compounding stream of passive income. These are only two of the methods that holders can use to grow their stack. Others include NFTs, in-game rewards, and much more.


With Revenant, staking is simple. Investors whowant to support the protocol can lock up their tokens and receive a significant percentage yield on their stake.

The yield will vary depending on how many users stake their $GAMEFI. If fewer people stake, the rewards will be higher. If more people stake, the rewards will be lower. However, more tokens will be locked up, which means the price of $GAMEFI should benefit from greater stability.

Staking is not yet live on Revenant, but we will release more information about all the specifics that you need to know in the near future.

Staking Emission Schedule

Out of the total supply of $GAMEFI tokens, 20% will be assigned to staking rewards, and these rewards will be released gradually over five years. After the end of the fifth year, emissions allotted to staking will be exhausted and no more funds will be released.

By the end of this year, 17% of the total staking emissions will have been distributed to $GAMEFI holders.

In the chart above, you can view the exact emission schedule.

Releasing staking rewards over a longer period contributes to our goal of sound tokenomics and prioritizing long-term growth.

Investors that stake their $GAMEFI will have a chance to make serious gains as Revenant continues to grow within the Metis network.

Revenant Dividends

$GAMEFI holders will benefit from periodic dividends distributed to the Revenant community. This ensures that as the protocol grows, so do our investors’ earnings.

Similar to how corporations share their profits with their shareholders in traditional finance, we believe that $GAMEFI holders should also benefit from this mechanism.

For that reason, we will provide you with these rewards for holding your $GAMEFI and supporting further growth of all our crypto gaming ventures.

To receive your dividends, simply hold your tokens and we will send you your free $GAMEFI!




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