Introducing Coin Flip, Tempo DAO’s first Play-to-Earn mini-game!

3 min readMar 1, 2022


We are incredibly pleased to announce the launch of our first-ever arcade mini-game, Coin Flip. Coin Flip constitutes the first of several Play-to-Earn games on Tempo DAO’s decentralized gaming platform.

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What is Coin Flip?

Coin Flip represents the first of several games we intend to launch under our decentralized gaming platform. The ultimate goal is to reward long-term holders and provide the Tempo DAO community with a new form of entertainment and income earning potential.

Coin Flip requires two players to predict the outcome of a coin flip by guessing whether the outcome will be either heads or tails. Players can earn $TEMPO by placing bets on which side of the coin will win. After the coin is flipped, the winner takes the majority of the earnings, while a smaller percentage of the $TEMPO tokens are burned. By removing tokens from circulation, we increase scarcity and reduce inflation for all $TEMPO holders.

Head over to Coin Flip and play your first game today!

What other games can the community expect?

Apart from Coin Flip, Tempo DAO is looking to add several other games to our Play-to-Earn collection. Over the coming months, we will flesh out the available library of playable games.

With our upcoming rebrand fast approaching, we will be positioned for many more exciting and engaging games in the near future, such as Project Lazarus and Battle of Olympus.

What is Project Lazarus?

We are currently developing Project Lazarus, a space kingdom management game. As our flagship Play-to-Earn game, it will incorporate NFTs and several other methods to allow for players to earn an income.

What is Battle of Olympus?

Battle of Olympus is a Tekken-inspired fighting game where players can compete as one of several Greek gods to become the champion of Olympus. As it stands, Battle of Olympus is in development and will be released shortly.

Where to find Tempo DAO

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