Introducing Tempo DAO

5 min readNov 20, 2021

What is Tempo DAO?

No more secrets.

Tempo DAO is a fork of the already successful Olympus DAO available on the Avalanche Network.

The TEMPO token is a revolutionary reserve backed gaming currency for the metaverse. Tempo DAO will use the TEMPO reserve-backed currency to help establish a treasury which will reward all those who decide to stake in the project.

What makes Tempo DAO unique?

Our goal is for Tempo DAO to revolutionize the Earn2Play and Gamefi space with the first reserve-backed currency used to support multiple projects related to gaming, NFTs and skins.

This will be similar to the Steam model created by Valve, but focused more heavily on rewarding users with real assets.

How can you benefit from Tempo DAO?

The primary way you can benefit is by staking the TEMPO and earning a consistent rebase.

As new stakers enter the Tempo DAO ecosystem, the APY will go down. This is all to make sure that emission of the token can be controlled ensuring that dilution will not decrease the tokens value.

The second way you can benefit is by playing our upcoming Play to Earn games that will be announced soon. In these games, you will not only be able to earn TEMPO, but other tokens that have the possibility of appreciating, such as AVAX.

Who created Tempo DAO?

Tempo DAO is a fork of Olympus on the Avalanche Network. We are an anonymous team of early crypto adopters and developers who have been inspired by our love of DeFi community and the potential to make our dream a reality. As such, we wanted to develop a project that rewards early adopters and also provides more unique and engaging Play to Earn games for our community.

With these gaming models now able to be monetized, we are early in an ecosystem that is primed for big moves and shifts as retail investors enter the market.

We are actively working towards the goal of bringing as much value as possible to the community and it all begins with TEMPO.

How can you contact the Tempo DAO team?

There are two ways to interact with the active Tempo DAO team and community.

What is our long-term vision for Tempo DAO?

Our long-term strategic vision is to incorporate TEMPO into mainstream gaming and streaming platforms, like and ESL. The focus of our first projects will be on the Avalanche Chain.

These efforts will start immediately after the community is staked and ready to start governing the DAO. The focus of our team, and soon DAO members, will be to become the digital currency for gamers across the globe.

The first game that TempoDAO is planning to invest in and support would be a browser-based, money-management space-themed MMO with its own unique NFTs. This would allow our users to both benefit from the APY they gain on TEMPO and capital appreciation from NFTs and other digital assets within the game.

With grassroots support from our community, we will be able to create games with a loyal user base and following.

Most importantly, without further ado, TempoDAO is happy to announce the TempoMETAVERSE. No one company can control the Metaverse and we want to stake our claim while we are early. All efforts will be made to work towards this lofty goal, and once established, all our projects will be brought into the umbrella of our TempoMETAVERSE.

How will Tempo DAO work?

To combat the high barrier to entry of Olympus DAO, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, with incredibly high fees, Tempo DAO will be built on the Avalanche blockchain.

This will make it much cheaper and affordable for anyone, regardless of their net worth, to mint, bond, and stake TEMPO. In fact, you will be able to make transactions on the Avalanche network for just a few cents!

In the beginning, Tempo DAO’s plan involves ensuring that our treasury has enough reserves and that our native token, TEMPO, has enough liquidity. This will be accomplished through the pre-sale.

To ensure a smooth launch and user experience:

  • Smart contracts will be verified before the presale
  • Presale participants will provide a capped amount of a stablecoin in return for an allocation of TEMPO
  • All code, both smart contracts and the Tempo DAO frontend, will be published on GitHub

Funds raised from the presale will be split between

  • (1) the Tempo DAO treasury;
  • (2) provision of TEMPO/MIM liquidity pool on Trader Joe;
  • (3) a direct allocation to support the core development team’s operations and project development.

After presale, we will provide TEMPO/MIM liquidity on a DEX and release the bonding/staking dApp:

  • TEMPO holders will be able to stake their TEMPO and receive a ~500,000% APY.
  • New investors will have the opportunity to mint TEMPO at a discount by bonding TEMPO/MIM LP or or MIM alone.

What are the next steps for Tempo DAO?

ICO (presale) — November 25, 2021

In order to fundraise for the development of Tempo DAO protocol, we will host an initial pre-sale of TEMPO tokens for certain whitelisted users with the goal of raising $300,000. These funds will go towards further developing the protocol, especially for the creation of the very first reserve-backed currency driven Play to Earn game.

The cost of TEMPO tokens during the presale will be 4 MIM and we will release 75,000 TEMPO tokens.

The funds of the initial pre-sale will satisfy the following project needs:

  • $100,000 to fund a MIM/TEMPO liquidity pool on Trader Joe at a rate of 1 TEMPO = 10 MIM. The LP tokens will be permanently locked inside the Tempo DAO’s treasury to ensure that TEMPO is in fact a reserve-backed currency.
  • $100,000 to support the core development team’s operations and project development.
  • An additional $100,000 will be kept in Tempo DAO’s treasury to ensure a minimum value of 2.50 MIM per TEMPO.

Launch — November 28, 2021

During our public launch, Tempo DAO will aim to raise funds and accumulate a $20 million treasury within the first year.

1 TEMPO will be worth 10 MIM at launch.

However, as soon as the token launches, it will be subject to the market, meaning its price could increase or decrease depending on demand.

We aim to have an early staking APY of ~500,000% to reward early adopters, increase the treasury reserve, and raise funds for further development of our Play to Earn ecosystem.

Once the initial milestone of $20 million is reached, the Tempo DAO team will find a more sustainable APY (minimum of ~25,000%), which will allow users to benefit from both capital appreciation and passive income.


The initial pre-sale will authorize the mint of 75,000 TEMPO.

In order to protect the community from extreme volatility, whitelisted users invited to the pre-sale must agree to a vesting period of 5 days. During the 5 days after the pre-sale, they can sell 20% of the total TEMPO they bought per day up to a 1,000 MIM cap.


As our ecosystem progresses, early adopters will be rewarded with spots on our whitelist.

  • A maximum of 300 users will be on the whitelist.
  • 100 first users who joined our Discord.
  • 100 users will be randomly selected from our Twitter contests.
  • 50 users will be awarded to those with the most invites to the Tempo DAO community. Details in our Discord.
  • 50 users will be awarded a spot on the whitelist through daily contests on our Discord server.




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