January 10 AMA Recap — V2 token, Tempo Launchpad, and more!

Key Updates

Migration to our V2 token

We are working on the V2 version of the token. The primary goal of this migration is to improve tokenomics and reward long-term holders. This project is still under development, but we are now at the stage where we are considering the following elements:

  • The ratio of the token split
  • Buy and sell tax
  • The proportion of distribution of tax to holders, treasury, and burning.

Introducing Tempo Launchpad

Building Tempo DAO’s future with our community is central to our mission. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Tempo Launchpad.

Tempo DAO Mini Games

To reward long-term holders and keep the investors engaged, the team is working on building a collection of mini-games. The mock-up for the mini-games landing page was shared with the community. We will initially launch two games similar to coin flip and rock, paper, scissors and then build more mini-games based on the traction we receive.

Battle of Olympus

In order to fast-track the game development of Battle of Olympus, Enigma will now directly work with the game developer. This should result in smoother coordination, better gameplay, and faster updates for the community. The alpha version will be released shortly.

AMA on January 13 with The Olympians

We will have an AMA on The Olympians Discord server on January 13th and we’d love to see you there! The Olympians have an audience of 6,800 members that are primarily focused on forks of Olympus DAO. We believe this is a strong opportunity to introduce Tempo DAO to a new community with serious investors.

Potential partnership with DCRC RaceX

Last week, we met with the DCRC RaceX team who are building the first Race-2-Earn gaming platform on the Avalanche. This organization shares Tempo DAO’s values of long-term, sustainable growth, and gaming. For that reason, we believe a potential partnership in the future would be beneficial to expand both of our platforms. In the short term, we are considering making a minor investment into one of their race car NFTs to hold in our treasury. In the future, we would be interested in offering a bond of their token and exploring further partnership opportunities.

AMA Questions

Where will the tax from the V2 token go?



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