January 31 AMA Recap

3 min readFeb 4, 2022

Update on the AMA conducted on January 31, which featured our partner Cross Chain Farming (CCF), progress on our upcoming games, and more.

AMA with CCF

What is the CCF team creating?

Our parent company 4DOT aims to create a suite of DeFi products that are accessible, secure, and affordable for everyone. Cross Chain Farming $CCF is a Farming-as-a-Service FaaS protocol on BSC. It enables holders to generate returns from a protocol managed yield farming treasury. D3 Protocol $DEFI is DeFi 3.0 index, giving exposure to a basket of FaaS assets hedged against BUSD, through staking the $DEFI token.

What are your strategies in the current market conditions?

We preserve our capital before we look into returning the capital vested. Our aim is to research as much as we can. This means we are predominantly currently operating in our low risk basket with stable coin farming and delta neutral strategies. We are still able to generate outsized returns through our network and access to pre-sales that are performing well. Pending market conditions we will scale into medium and higher risk farming plays at the right moment in time.

Why did you choose to partner with Tempo DAO?

The partnership allows us to pool our resources together for the long-term, creating a strong alliance, which allows for insight and exposure to other areas within the cryptocurrency space, such as the gaming sector at Tempo DAO. We hope to deliver excellent returns to grow the Tempo DAO treasury, whilst leveraging Tempo DAO expertise and connections bringing us additional win-win opportunities in the GameFi space, which is really heating up right now.


Tempo DAO is undergoing a rebrand to move away from the Olympus DAO model, allowing us to differentiate our brand from competitors. This will involve the inclusion of a different name, which will be voted on through Snapshot. We will remain a community at heart and have proposals $TEMPO holders can always participate in.

OHM forks are bleeding as is evident by the death of many rebase DAOs recently. We will be separating ourselves from this model going forward, allowing us to be independent and reinvent a deflationary model with long-term stability in mind.

V2 Token progress

Tokenomics are being worked on to create a token that is stable and deflationary. V2 will allow us to migrate to a framework that can become the basis of a governance token for in-game currencies in the future.

Coin Flip

Development of our first mini-game has been a success. It will be released in the future after the deployment of our V2 token.

Battle of Olympus

The game is near completion for public beta. We are currently working on the game feel in order to deliver an enjoyable experience ensuring the longevity long-term playability of the game.




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