Join Revenant for an AMA with Cardinal House on May 5!

2 min readMay 4, 2022


How to join the AMA with Cardinal House

Revenant is excited to join an AMA hosted by Cardinal House at 17:00 UTC on their Discord.

  • Join the AMA tomorrow here!
  • React with the tick to get your role and access to the Discord.
  • To listen to the AMA, join the #AMA stage channel.

Who is Cardinal House?

The Revenant team is looking forward to speaking to the Cardinal House community about our decentralized gaming ecosystem.

Cardinal House is a brilliantly innovative Discord community that recognizes a common issue in the crypto space. That is the issue of oversaturation and noise.

There are projects in this space popping up faster than you could ever count them. All wanting to gain traction and recognition, but often unable to do so due to lack of exposure to the correct audience. This drives budding new start-ups to pay inordinately high fees for advertising or promotion, which holds no guarantee of success.

Cardinal House is looking to change that. Their mission is to provide innovative projects, such as Revenant, a platform to get in front of like-minded crypto investors.

Navigating the crypto space can be very confusing — especially if you are just getting started! They aim to help people make more educated decisions when investing in the projects and teams they believe in.

In their own words, “Learning together as a community allows us to find the best opportunities out there, and all succeed together. Whether it be explaining a new concept, or helping a fellow member set up a MetaMask, we are always willing to help!”

Why is this a fantastic opportunity for Revenant?

It is a wonderful opportunity to talk with an educated and passionate group of investors and crypto enthusiasts. You know what they say, the more the merrier!

Here we have the chance to further our reach and spread further awareness of our project and vision. Consider it one step closer to Mars as we gain more exposure, helping us build a solid foundation to present to the broader Metis community.

Bring Revenant to your community for an AMA

Are you interested in hosting Revenant for an AMA in your Discord or Telegram community?

We are always available to meet and present Revenant and $GAMEFI to communities of passionate gamers, game developers and investors.

If you want us to share how Revenant can benefit you and your platform, contact us on Twitter or Discord. More content will be available on our newly launched YouTube channel. Details at the bottom.

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