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3 min readAug 15, 2022

We are happy to announce the launch of the Revenant Ambassador Program. This is an exciting opportunity for community members and those who share our passion to contribute to Revenant’s vision of a sustainable, highly engaging blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Becoming a Revenant Ambassador is simple: promote Revenant and our upcoming NFTs in your community, people use your unique referral code to get awesome discounts, and you get paid a percentage of the NFTs they buy!

Disclaimer: Revenant NFTs have not been released, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord for the latest updates to make sure you’re ready when the time comes.

Why Become an Revenant Ambassador?

With GameFi and Play-and-Earn gaining traction, there is a need for a better representation of what blockchain gaming should be. At Revenant, we believe it should put gameplay at the forefront, while allowing players the opportunity to earn based skill or luck, like in off-chain games.

However, the current state of blockchain games consists of Play-to-Earn mechanics, which rely on unsustainable economies that rely on an ongoing influx of new players to make profit. Revenant hopes to change that through two of our main services:

  • Revenant Games — our in-house game studio that is developing Battle of Olympus, a Street Fighter-styled game
  • Revenant Launchpad — a platform where we recruit, mentor, and help talented game development teams achieve their fundraising and professional goals.

Our hope is that several Revenant Ambassadors will emerge from our community who can help educate the broader community about these key concepts. As a Revenant Ambassador, you will be on the front lines facilitating the education and relationships that will drive the adoption and understanding of how Revenant will revolutionize the future of GameFi.

As part of the Revenant Ambassador Program, you will also have access to additional perks:

  • Earn Money — Use your unique referral code to promote Revenant and our upcoming NFTs and get paid a percentage of the profits!
  • Get GUARANTEED whitelist to Revenant Launchpad presales
  • Exclusive Invites — Receive invitations to exclusive Ambassador events, private communications channels, and one-on-one communications with core-team members.
  • Networking Opportunities — Work directly with some of the most influential figures and projects in the space while forging ties with other passionate supporters.
  • Revenant Gear — Represent in style! Stand out with Revenant Ambassador gear and become a special member of the team.

What is required of a Revenant Ambassador?

Your job is to be a fun, responsible, and reputable source of information for people who are new to Revenant and possibly even blockchain gaming. We expect Revenant Ambassadors to be motivated and dedicated to producing measurable results.

This may include:

  • Creating social content to keep your community engaged on
  • Providing mentorship to new members
  • Joining the Revenant community team on periodic check-up calls
  • Keeping us updated on your progress via group chats.

How do I become a Revenant Ambassador?

Step 1 — Learn about the Revenant Ecosystem, especially Revenant Launchpad and Battle of Olympus. To find this information, check out the Revenant whitepaper, website, and Medium.

Step 2 — Complete the Revenant Ambassador Program application form. Please give us some time to review your application.

Step 3 — Become a Revenant Ambassador and start earning! The Revenant team will send you your unique referral code for you to give your community some awesome discounts on upcoming Revenant NFTs while at the same time receiving a percentage of the profits.

In addition to the benefits listed above, as your local community and following grows, there will be additional opportunities to expand your role, responsibilities, and perks.

When will Revenant Ambassadors receive their referral codes?

Referral codes will be distributed to Revenant Ambassadors before our NFTs go live. Currently, we are aiming to release them in the coming quarter. To be clear, Revenant NFTs have not yet been launched, so keep any eye on our Twitter for the latest news. Please be patient because the wait will be worth your while!

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