March 7 AMA Recap

2 min readMar 9, 2022


Update on the AMA conducted on March 7, which featured a crypto market update, progress on projects under development, and much more.

Market Recap

Core team member Mooncake gave an overview of the crypto market’s present situation. The price movement of a few cryptocurrencies was addressed in terms of their price action and reaction to fundamentals from recent evolving events.

Mooncake expertly pointed out the tussle between Bitcoin (BTC) bulls and bears as its price continues to meander in a tight range.

Fantom (FTM) slumped over 15% in 24-hours following announcements of the renowned developer, Andre Cronje, resigning from the DeFi space. Other crypto projects Cronje was involved in, such as YFI and SOLID, experienced a similar price crash.

In addition, Mooncake offered advice on some basic crypto trading practices. He educated the attendants on drawing trend lines, using the stochastic RSI indicator, and trading without emotions.


We are proud to announce that our branding guidelines for our imminent rebrand are complete. We made adjustments to elements such as fonts, graphics, color, schemes, visuals, and other aesthetics. All of these work together to create a more robust brand that represents our mission as a decentralized gaming platform.

Our next order of business is revamping our website. To that end, work is already in progress.

Battle of Olympus

We are enhancing the feel of our Battle of Olympus game to give gamers a refreshing experience. Our developers are optimizing the game’s UI to make it more friendly, intuitive and engaging. Furthermore, they are redesigning the appearance of game characters and custom avatars.

Project Lazarus

We have made significant progress in the Project Lazarus development. We are currently in the fourth sprint of the agile development approach in which we are drafting the potential look of the UI/UX. In the following months, we’ll be revealing further exciting updates on its visual development.

Recall that our mission is building a protocol that hosts fun play-to-earn games for the community. Our developers are relentlessly working hard to offer a game that stands out. We strive to stay on our toes by researching competitors and adding new features as well as upgrading existing ones to keep our game relevant.

Decentralization is at the heart of our community. We pride ourselves in creating projects for the gamers and by the gamers.

Watch the AMA to get more details.




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