Revenant has partnered with Hermes Protocol!

2 min readSep 22, 2022

The Revenant is pleased to announce another partnership — with Hermes Protocol! DeFi partnerships are essential to secure liquidity in our ecosystem and form a backbone to the GameFi ecosystem as a whole.

What is the Hermes Protocol?

Hermes Protocol is a decentralized, permissionless yield and liquidity omnichain marketplace. DeFi is currently plagued by capital inefficiency caused by fragmented liquidity across dApps, networks, and layers.

Hermes is a product from Maia DAO that aims to address this by introducing an omnichain DEX, new fees mechanics, and different kinds of yields. Currently, holders can stake an LP token by providing our governance token $GAMEFI and $m.USDC.

The LP tokens can be staked on Hermes to receive $GAMEFI rewards on top of $HERMES rewards. As the yield varies depending on the size of the pool, increased liquidity means higher returns for the community. This should add more value to future applications of GAMEFI especially on marketing initiatives such as tournaments, giveaways and more!

“Partnering with Hermes has been a no-brainer from the moment we chose them as our liquidity provider on Metis. They have a strong, dedicated team who has an excellent long-term vision for building their DeFi protocol, which will only serve to support Revenant as we expand our blockchain gaming operations,” stated Revenant co-founder Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo.

Watch out for more updates regarding the partnership!

About Hermes

Hermes Protocol allows low cost, near 0 slippage trades on uncorrelated or tightly correlated assets. The protocol incentivizes fees instead of liquidity.

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About Revenant

Revenant is the first decentralized gaming platform on Metis. Explore Revenant’s decentralized gaming ecosystem for gamers, game developers, and investors. Earn $GAMEFI while you play and trade with Revenant!

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