Revenant has partnered with Standard Protocol!

3 min readJul 20, 2022

The Revenant team is extremely proud to announce a strategic partnership with Standard Protocol.

This is a major step for the Revenant community and we are excited for all the benefits that working with an established, experienced team behind such a strong DeFi protocol will bring. This partnership will bring growth through mutual support of both the Standard Protocol and Revenant communities.

The collaboration between the two teams will bring to the fore the power of truly decentralized finance and gaming. At Revenant, we are eager to see what our projects will accomplish and how our communities will benefit.

What is Standard Protocol?

Standard Protocol defines itself as a builder of a self-sovereign, decentralized non-reserve bank, bringing truly “self-custodial” decentralized finance.

While most stablecoins are bull market material, few practical solutions exist for the bear market, which is what Standard Protocol aims to solve with $USM. $USM is designed to revolutionize DeFi and is a part of cutting-edge technology that improves upon the shortcomings of other stablecoins by giving the users the freedom to spend both the borrowed $USM as well as the collateralized position.

Finally, borrowers have full ownership of their position and freedom like never before because a fully transferable NFT is minted along with the debt position, giving users unprecedented flexibility.

Standard Protocol launches new $GAMEFI liquidity pools

Standard Protocol recently informed the Revenant team that they would soon launch two new $GAMEFI liquidity pools on Hermes: USM-GAMEFI and STND-GAMEFI.

These ensure that there is enough liquidity to meet DeFi protocols and add a new way hodlers can benefit from holding $GAMEFI, $USM, and $STND, in addition to the existing Revenant rewards and dividends. The liquidity pools will be open to the public and anyone can provide liquidity to them.

The continued intermeshing between Standard Protocol’s DeFi prowess and Revenant’s strength in GameFi provides many layers of earning potential and strengthens both ecosystems.

Upcoming Twitter Spaces on Standard Protocol

Join us in conversation about all this and more on Twitter Spaces on July 26 at 11 am BST / 7 pm KST / 6 am EST where we will go more in depth. Revenant Co-Founders Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo and Franz Cavatorta will sit down for a conversation with Founder Hyungsuk Kang from Standard Protocol to expand on the details of the partnership.

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