Revenant in Dcentral and Consensus 2022

3 min readJun 14, 2022

This past week, Revenant’s co-founders, Franz Cavatorta and Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo, attended two of the most important crypto and blockchain conferences of the year, Dcentral Austin and Consensus.

Over the week, we met, saw, and engaged with hundreds of founders, builders, and creators in Web3. It was a fantastic opportunity to make the right connections that allow us to take Revenant to the next level.

If you want to see what the conference was like, check out this video Franz and Alejandro made while at Consensus, including a visit with the Metis team.

Both conferences bring together top projects and individuals across the Web3 space, from leaders in the metaverse, DAOs, and DeFi, to politicians and professional athletes.

We were honored to be the first decentralized gaming platform on Metis represented at both events, solidifying our commitment to becoming a major player in the crypto market.

Due to the sheer number of quality projects and potential investors, the conferences represented a significant partnership, investment, and relationship-building opportunity, which Revenant explored thoroughly, particularly with the Metis team.

A conversation with Metis’ CEO, Elena Sinelnikova

Our co-founder, Franz Cavatorta, sat down for a conversation with the CEO of Metis, Elena Sinelnikova. They discussed the future of Metis, Revenant, and GameFi in general. The Metis CEO recognized the blockchain is an excellent platform for gaming because of its low fees and fast speeds, which are necessary for processing many transactions:

“GameFi became very feasible to be hosted on Metis network, so therefore our focus became to onboard as many gaming projects as possible,” said Sinelnikova.

In trying to bring more gaming projects to the Metis network, the Builder Mining Program is essential in incentivizing innovation. Simply put, this initiative rewards builders on the Metis network with a percentage of the transaction fees their dApps generate, which would otherwise be kept entirely by the blockchain on other networks.

According to the CEO of Metis, this program can help finance a project’s operations and increase its runway:

“Some DeFi projects that are part of the Builder Mining Program receive up to $200,000 a month. It’s a big incentive, and DeFi projects don’t have as many transactions as games. So a gaming company could probably make more.”

These conditions make Metis an ideal network for cultivating a thriving GameFi ecosystem. However, there is a gap in the market in this sector, which makes Sinelnikova’s commitment to expanding gaming on the network a timely opportunity for Revenant.

“It’s a genuine problem in this space that gaming projects are underdeveloped,” Sinelnikova shared. “For mainstream gamers, using blockchain games is still not a feasible option. It’s just a developing industry.”

Revenant is pleased to work with Metis to onboard numerous gaming projects on their network. This collaboration comes at an ideal time for both parties, adds Sinelnikova:

“It’s very good that we are starting to bring in and incubate these projects and work with Revenant to help make this industry boom. We have the technical base for it, so now it is a question of how to set out the business development in the gaming industry. That is why we are making that our top priority.”

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