Tempo DAO has partnered with Empire Capital Token!

The Tempo DAO team is extremely proud to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Empire Capital Token (ECC).

In this article, we will discuss the outcome of our recent vote to collaborate with and invest in ECC. We will also go over what this move entails for our collective future.

In the coming weeks, we will share details of upcoming AMAs for both communities.

Massive potential for Tempo DAO

Summary of investment and partnership

Recently, our proposal to invest $50,000 from the Tempo DAO treasury in ECC was approved. More than 97% of the community members voted in support of the proposal.

Following the vote, we established a firm partnership with ECC. Among the several advantages this collaboration brings is the opportunity for Tempo DAO to earn substantial passive income to increase our treasury and ensure a sustainable future for our project.

As we foresee massive growth for ECC throughout 2022, we believe this partnership will be extremely beneficial for both of us. Apart from strong fundamentals, the fact that ECC’s founder is doxxed, like ours, helps to build trust and ensure that our investment is in good hands.

Our goal is to continue forging solid connections with strong organizations, such as ECC. This is only one of several moves we have in the works towards our end goal of expanding our network, thus increasing our growth potential. We have already begun to see the benefits of this partnership through the several meetings we have had with ECC’s management and the passive income we have begun to earn. We can hardly wait to see what else the future has in store.

What is Empire Capital Token?

EmpireDEX is a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem that provides a wide range of development services to projects that are integrated on the platform. With $ECC, users receive passive income on their crypto assets by staking and farming a single asset across multiple chains, guaranteeing maximum ROI.

The ECC team is composed of blockchain and DeFi enthusiasts; designers, developers, engineers, IT gurus, and strategists who aim to aid individuals as they navigate the DeFi sector, especially as it continues to evolve and offer new opportunities.

The project provides the framework for easy access to various DeFi 3.0 protocols through their bridges, decentralized exchange, farming infrastructure, launchpad, and white-labeling services. It eliminates the need for active management and allows developers, traders, and all kinds of users to invest in various projects with maximum high staking/farming yield and all with the use of one asset token.

Why we’re excited about this partnership

At Tempo DAO, we consider establishing strong connections within the DeFi space a pivotal part of raising funds, sharing ideas and strategies, and ensuring the growth of our decentralized gaming platform. Seeing as ECC holds the similar values of a long-term vision, creativity, and expansion, there was no question that we wanted to work with their organization.

ECC allows users to leverage the potential of cross-chain integration. Having joined forces with them, for Tempo DAO there are multiple possibilities regarding incorporating cross-chain capabilities into our games. Furthermore, by expanding across multiple blockchains, our reach will also widen considerably.

An equally valid prospect is that Tempo DAO will be able to benefit from ECC’s strong development team.

Mutual benefits for ECC and Tempo DAO

As projects with varying product and service offerings, Tempo DAO and ECC regard this partnership as more than a financial move. Over time, we will work together to draw out the best in one another, maximizing our capabilities.

To accomplish this, we will share our intellectual assets. This means Tempo DAO will have access to ECC’s broad knowledge of DeFi 3.0 protocols and services. They, in turn, are welcome to tap into our expertise in the gaming sector. Joint projects and cross consultations are an option we will explore further in the future.

In addition to this, we can both work towards providing value and utility targeted at the members of either community. Tempo DAO has always been keen on providing our user base with utility-driven products. By working with ECC, we can further explore our offerings to holders of either project.

There are so many ways in which we could be mutually beneficial to one another seeing as we both have diverse features and varying skill sets. Considering what each project could offer the other, such as growth strategies, marketing hacks, gaming features, or DeFi services, the future is teeming with potential.

We are extremely excited and proud to have established a partnership with such a solid team and cannot wait to see what comes of this union with ECC.

Where to find Tempo DAO

Tempo DAO is the first-ever doxxed gaming DAO and a decentralized Play-to-Earn gaming platform.


Where to find ECC

EmpireDEX is a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem that provides a wide range of development services to projects that are integrated on the platform.

Website — Twitter DiscordMedium




The first decentralized gaming ecosystem on the #Metis network. PLAY. EARN. INVEST. with $GAMEFI https://discord.gg/revenantgamefi

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The first decentralized gaming ecosystem on the #Metis network. PLAY. EARN. INVEST. with $GAMEFI https://discord.gg/revenantgamefi

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